We have recently strengthened our team

Today’s successful business is conditioned by quick decision making and fast response, so we have recently strengthened our team in the department of international transportation in order to maintain the quality level our customers are used to. INTEGRALOG with its many years of experience in organizing transportation is one of the top companies, highly valued, especially in the segment of customer satisfaction, and international transport.

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Packing for distribution is a complex process that requires full attention for several reasons. If the goods aren’t packed properly, they can be damaged in transportation, which can lead to multiple loss for the sender, end user and distributor through the insurance costs, additional expense for the refund of damaged goods and send replacement items, and of course an out-of-stock situation with retailers who are waiting this goods for further sale. The goods are usually packed in cardboard boxes, but depending on the volume they can be packed on pallets.
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What are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates?

The companies often emphasize the importance of possessing these certificates, but many service users are not entirely clear about what it means for them. The possession of  ISO certificates brings international recognition of business quality to the company and internal improvement in economic and social order. The internationally recognized quality of ISO standards ensures a better reputation of the company on the international and domestic market by automatically placing your business in the sphere of better competition. ISO standards don’t have predefined corporate size frameworks, all organizations from the small ones to the large corporations are equally subject to ISO standards in order to achieve quality goals, better competition and customer confidence globally.

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