Emergency City Delivery


Do you have a package or shipment that needs to be on the other side of town within 90 minutes? Here are some of the reasons why to hire us…

  • Working hours

    from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m

  • Resistance

    to adverse weather conditions.

  • Accessibility

    the possibility of ordering by phone, e-mail or via an online form.

  • Speed

    in practice, in 98% of cases, we are faster than the given time limit.


PRIVATE PERSONS – payment in cash (banknotes) when handing over the shipment. We issue a fiscal invoice.

BUSINESS USERS – payment in cash (banknotes) when handing over the shipment. With the conclusion of a cooperation agreement, we offer a payment delay of up to 30 days and more favorable payment terms.

Logaritam express service URGENT CITY DELIVERY is currently available in the city of Zagreb and its surroundings, Krapina – Zagorje County, and Međimurje and Varaždin Counties. It will soon be available in the following cities: Split, Zadar, Rijeka, Pula and Osijek.

  • +3851 / 500 6000

    For urgent city delivery, call +3851/500 6000. We are available from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • narudzbe@lsl.hr

    Send an inquiry by email to narudzbe@lsl.hr – when sending an inquiry, please provide the following information: first and last name of the customer or company name, contact number of the customer, collection address. delivery address, first and last name of the recipient (or company name) and contact of the recipient.


    You can order emergency city delivery via the online form.


  • Zone
  • Zone 1
  • Zone 2
  • Zone 3
  • Zone 4
  • Moto EUR
  • 6,60
  • 7,70
  • 9,95
  • 12,90
  • Auto EUR
  • 7,95
  • 9,40
  • 11,95
  • 16,60
  • Moto EUR
  • Zone 1 – 6,60
  • Zone 2 – 7,70
  • Zone 3 – 9,95
  • Zone 4 – 12,90
  • Auto EUR
  • Zone 1 – 7,95
  • Zone 2 – 9,40
  • Zone 3 – 11,95
  • Zone 4 – 16,60


We transport shipments up to 2 kg by moped. We transport shipments up to 30 kg by car. We charge EUR 0,88 for each additional kg. We charge EUR 0,73 for sending a scanned delivery confirmation.

  • ZONE 1

    To the east to the Dubrava and Borongaj interchange, to the west to the Črnomerec interchange and Zagrebačka cesta, to the north Gornji grad, to the south of the city to Slavonska/Zagrebačka avenue.

  • ZONE 2

    In the east to Sesvet/Resnik, in the west from Črnomerac to Jankomir/Gajnica, in the north to Šestin, in the south from Slavonska/Zagrebačka avenue to the ring road.

  • ZONE 3

    Buzin, Lučko, Podsused, Čučerje, Lučko, Markuševec, Sesvete, Sv. Nedelja, Šestine.

  • ZONE 4

    Croatian Leskovac, Samobor, Sesvetski Kraljevac, Velika Gorica, Zaprešić.

The prices shown in the price list are without VAT. The price list is valid from January 1th, 2023.

Get discounts on the quantity of shipments sent and pay with a delay of up to 30 days.


HGD Logaritam Express (Urgent City Delivery) was created in response to the increasing need of private and legal persons for the delivery of shipments and packages in the shortest possible time at an acceptable cost. In today’s busy rhythm of urban environments, time has become an extremely valuable resource, especially for business users. Today, fast delivery is often irreplaceable and an extremely important part of the business of a large number of business users, and recently also of private individuals.

Our services are especially used by: medical institutions, private surgeries, law and notary offices, marketing companies and others.

Today, it is a generally accepted fact that the cost of the delivery itself in its own arrangement exceeds the cost of the vast majority of delivery services and taking into account the key factor – the cost of time. How much time would you waste driving your car and looking for parking, and how many useful things could you have done during that time?

That is why the Logaritam Express emergency city delivery service is here, where the professional and friendly employees of the Logaritam Express team will receive your requests and fulfill them in the shortest possible time at an affordable and fair price.

All our vehicles, scooters and cars, are of a high standard and meet all technical and legal requirements. Our delivery people are experienced and proven professionals who, with their approach and proactivity, add value to the service itself.

For more information about this service, please contact us via the contact form or by email: info@lsl.hr