We have developed a national distribution network that ensures maximum coverage of the territory and the ability to deliver packages and pallets within 24 hours.

We offer the organization of transportation from a small package to the transportation of large quantities with individual logistics solutions adapted to the requirements and needs of clients. The emphasis of the service is on the quality and speed of delivery, the availability of information and the possibility of monitoring shipments.

We are a reliable partner of web stores

Logaritam Express delivery is a leading provider of product delivery services to the customer’s desired address. We adapt to the specific requirements of online sales and enable fast and reliable delivery of goods to the customer. By constantly improving the Logaritam Express delivery software support, it enables your insight into the delivery process and shipment status at any time and guarantees the quality and speed of the process.

Specific deliveries

Delivery to individual customers is specific and requires a different approach because the recipients (e.g. the retail chains Drogerie Markt, Metro, Getro, Konzum, Plodine, Pevec, Kerum, Spar) have sophisticated logistics processes, but not equal to each other, so that their suppliers, i.e. .our clients, must have their own system (our system) adapted to each of them. The delivery time is usually 24 or 48 hours from the recipient’s order, and everything is managed by our WMS (Warehouse Management System) system and monitored by our distribution department. As a rule, the transport units are pallets and packages, but it is possible to organize the distribution of any other transport packaging.


We are aware that, as the customer, we represent you at the address of the recipient of your shipments, and that, in addition to the professionalism of the deliverers, we devote great attention and resources to our own vehicle fleet, the average age of which is 1.5 years, and that our deliverers are professionally equipped and uniformed in accordance with our visual identity.

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