Advisory services are provided by experts in the fields of:

  • Retail,
  • Wholesale,
  • Business computerization.

We offer advisory services as a separate service to current or potential future clients. The goal of advisory services is optimization of clients’ business operations. Every field in which we offer advisory services is closely connected to logistics, which puts us in an excellent position, in which we, as logisticians, can thoroughly analyse important and necessary parameters in order to suggest applicable solutions.
Our consultancy begins with an analysis of the system (partial or overall) that needs to be improved, after which we present the plausible short-term and long-term solutions in accordance with the task.
The advisory services are offered for practical reasons, in order to help you, and by that to help ourselves in long-term too. The perfect functioning of your sales is our goal.


International transport

  • Warehousing
  • Stocks
  • Delivery to the consumer
  • Market returns

Within these services, we analyse the client’s agreements with suppliers, execution of these activities, cost-income aspects, and planned results in comparison to the achieved results. The result of such analysis are the solutions that the client may apply in his environment and the results that may be expected as consequence of their application, but the result may also be a suggestion that changes the way of doing business and outsources a part of business operations from the client to a third-party logistician.

In any case, all of the variants, as well as their advantages and deficiencies, strengths and weaknesses, shall be offered to the client for his selection.


  • Procuration
  • Optimization of the assortment
  • Sales – wholesale, retail
  • Return logistics

As experts in various segments of business operations of any company, among our services we also offer the analysis of these processes. Therefore, our domain is not only warehousing logistics and distribution of goods but also supplier relations, assortment selection viewed from various aspects (target buyers, geographic aspects, price range aspect, etc.), choice of sales channels and after sales. In collaboration with us, the client may use our knowledge and experience – which is much easier than permanently employing specialists in these areas.

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